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1031 Exchange

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1031 Exchange

1031 Basics

1031 Exchange FAQs (Federation of Exchange Accomodators).
Section 1031 provides advantage for swapping over selling, (Practical Tax Strategies, Dec. 2005). 
Show me the money: Using exchanges, (Realty Times, July 19, 2005).
Five misconceptions of 1031 exchanges, (National Real Estate Investor, May 2005).
1031 Exchange Manual, (1031 Corporation, 2004).
The basics of a deferred like-kind exchange, (Business Entities, Sept./Oct. 2003).
An overview of real estate like-kind exchanges, (The Appraisal Journal, July 2003).
Review the fundamentals of Section 1031 like-kind exchanges, (Commercial Investment Real Estate, Jan./Feb. 2003).
1031 exchanges -- qualification and planning, (Journal of Financial Service Professionals, Jan. 2006).
Title holding issues in 1031 exchanges, (Realty Times, Mar. 3, 2006).
Sale of a residence and like-kind exchanges, Part 1 and Part 2, (The Tax Adviser, Nov. 2005)
1031 details: Manage transactions precisely to maximize tax benefits, (Commercial Investment Real Estate, Mar./Apr. 2004).
Leasehold interests offer alternative 1031 exchange options, (Commercial Investment Real Estate, Nov./Dec. 2003).
Smooth moves: Successful exchanges follow these 12 rules of the road, (Commercial Investment Real Estate, Mar./Apr. 2001).

Reverse Exchanges

Reverse exchanges: An alternate route, (REALTOR® Magazine, Aug. 2005).
Some practical aspects of undertaking a reverse exchange, (Business Entities, July/Aug. 2005). 
Using the reverse Starker, (Realty Times, Sept. 29, 2003).
Reverse exchanges offer investors tax-saving benefits, (Commercial Investment Real Estate, Mar./Apr. 2003).
New safe harbor for reverse exchanges, (The CPA Journal, Jan. 2003).
Tax trade-off; Section 1031 offers a safe harbor in like-kind exchanges, (Journal of Property Management, Sept./Oct. 2002).
Reverse exchanges come of age, (Journal of Accountancy, Aug. 2001).

Tenancy-In-Common (TIC) Exchanges

legislative/Regulatory Issues: Tenants-in-Common, (National Association of REALTORS®, 2006).
TIC fever, (Tierra Grande, July 2005).
TICs take off, (RCA Report, Summer 2005). Scroll to page 6
Riding the TIC wave, (National Real Estate Investor, June 2005).
The ABCs of TICs: Learn the fundamentals of this 1031 exchange strategy, (Commercial Investment Real Estate, Jan./Feb. 2005).
1031 exchange options: Tenancy-in-common, (Realty Times, July 28, 2004).
1031 exchangers test the waters, (National Real Estate Investor, June 2004).
Using Tenacy-in-Common interests, (RCA Report, Spring 2004) Scroll to page 8

Other Websites

Federation of Exchange Accomodators (FEA) - Professional organization for exchange specialists. Includes directory of exchange companies & specialists around the U.S.
Glossary of Real Estate Exchange Terminology - Basic glossary of exchange-related terms, from Asset Preservation, Inc. and James A. Smith.

Rules, Forms, & Guidelines from the IRS

Internal Revenue Code, Part 1: Income Taxes - Scroll down to access section 1.1031 et seq.


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